Founded in 1986, Frameway Industries Limited started out as a local manufacturer of ceiling fans and lightings. With production based in an industrial building, our business was constrained. In 1988, we noticed that our market share of ceiling fans was shrinking as competition increased sharply, we decided to look for other business opportunities.

Metal stamping and dies making was the field we chose. Catching the momentum of economic take-off of China, we were one of the pioneers setting up production in mainland China. We were able to capture the metal business of the manufacturers who moved to China and required metal subcontracting support.
Today, Frameway Industries Limited is transformed into a group of companies, namely Frameway Group, with five subsidiaries. All subsidiaries have their own factories and production facilities and together a labor force of about two thousands. Our mission is to set our priority on customer interests, delivering high quality and cost effective services in a professional and aggressive manner.
We accumulated many years of experiences, our professionalism has gained the reputation and trust of many OEM enterprises, especially metal parts applied in various industries like automobiles, electronic and electrical industry, and micro motor cases for AV, mobile phones, video cameras, cameras, play stations, CD-Rom, etc. Our customers mainly come from Europe and United States, as well as south east asia, include Japan, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong.

Technology driven strategy
Every year, Frameway allots important budget and adds carefully equipment that make the company stays ahead in technology. Our presses are ranging from 25 tons to 500 tons. The constant investment not only boosts in the number of presses, but also covers measuring, production and secondary processing equipment, management system (we are TS 16949 certified and in application for ISO 14001) as well as facilities, that enhance capability of Frameway from all dimensions.
We put our workers under constant training and our engineers attain regularly international exhibitions, to ensure access to the latest hardware/ software technologies and materials.
We offer a complete set of services from die design and tools building to complete stamping products and delivery. The company equipped with a diversity of metal forming machines include single hit, progressive, transfer, hydraulic and multi-slide bending presses, catering to the different needs of customers.
We also provide a diversity of secondary processing and finishing to cater different applications i.e. tapping, grinding, deburring, welding (spot/ argon/ laser), cleaning (solvent/ ultrasonic/ vaporizing), polishing and surface treatment (anodizing/ sand blasting/ laser embossing...). We paid special attention in ROHS to protect the environment.

"We connect with our customers"
Our technical engineering/ sales teams in Hongkong and China provide the best platform for customers to develop their new products in our China facilities. The engineers not only follow the entire process of new product development, providing instant feedback and reporting to customers, they also participate in tools design, cost saving, sourcing and research to give customers the latest technical solutions and materials that could have in the marketplace.

Our mission is to provide "exceed-customer-expectation" services: top quality products in both cost efficient and technological way.